Home-Run Hitting Interest

Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there resided a young girl around the age of twelve.  It happened to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon, when this young girl found herself stuck inside the house, as a result of procrastinating on her homework all weekend.  Little did this young girl know that on this particular Sunday, her life would be forever changed.  

Sitting on the couch, with her binder opened in front of her, this young girl flipped through the channels to find something that would provide her with background noise as she completed her homework.  As her family only had access to the local network stations, she found herself stuck between watching either golf or baseball.  The young girl took the lesser of the two evils and settled on a riveting game of baseball, featuring the always phenomenal Philadelphia Phillies. 

While the young girl was able to complete her homework, she couldn’t help but find herself drawn into what had always been known as “America’s Pastime”.  Pitch after pitch, hit after hit…she found herself wanting to know more about this game.  Being the ever inquisitive child that she was, the young girl took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about this newfound interest of hers.  Her reward came but a few weeks later, as she sat in her 7th grade math class when her teacher informed the class of their next unit: Statistics.  The young girl was overjoyed when the class was told about their upcoming venture into the world of baseball, enabling her to meld her two worlds together!

Her interest did not end there, though.  This only was the beginning of her journey into the world of athletics, as she continued to strengthen her knowledge of sports.  This young girl grew up to be a young woman who makes it her goal to attend as many Phillies games as she possibly can, while also supporting all of her other Philadelphia teams.  What’s more is that this young woman grew up to be both an educator and a coach.  As best as she can, the young woman brings both of her worlds together, showing her students and her runners that there’s no such thing as striking out when you enjoy what you do!


Ms. J


Meet the Author

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I have never been a blogger before, so I am excited to begin this journey. My name is Kristin Braun. I graduated from West Chester University with a dual major in special education and early grades education. After working a few long term substitute positions, I began working as an ESL (English as a second language) assistant. I ended up falling in love with working with EL students and this past summer, I earned my ESL certificate from Arcadia University. Currently, I work at an Elementary School in the North Penn School District. I work as a half day ESL teacher and absolutely love it.

When I am not working, I love surrounding myself with my family and friends. I spend my time taking pictures, traveling, baking, and spending time at the beach. I have been going to Sea Isle City every summer since I was twelve and plan to for many more summers!

I believe it is important to share knowledge learned in the classroom with other teachers, so that we can all learn from each other. I hope that my experiences can help answer questions or provoke thought.


Hi, all!

Welcome to my blog.  I am an educator, working with Autistic students at the high school level.  To say that I enjoy my job is an understatement.  I constantly am thinking about ways to help my students, and I take great pride in my students and their achievements.  The best part of my job happens at the end of the school year, though, when I sit down with my students and we look back at their growth over the course of the year.  Through this blog, I hope to be able to encourage fellow educators, while also providing some insight and potential guidance when working with students with Autism. 


Ms. J


I am a child of the 70s.  My childhood experiences were immensely different from those experiences of children today.  My “free-time” was generally unstructured–no soccer practices, violin lessons, tutoring sessions.  I didn’t schedule playdates with my friends.  I spent much of my time playing outside and using my imagination.  My friends and I imagined that the towering oak tree in my backyard was magical and could transport us to different times and places.  I played “office” and “school”.  I put on elaborate productions (with programs typed on the typewriter) that I forced my entire family to watch.  My interests all centered around being creative, but in an organized and well-planned manner. 

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to draw blueprints of my dream house.  I would spend hours with graph paper and rulers, painstakingly creating detailed sketches of homes.  My father, a contractor, would look over my architectural plans and give me advice as to where I should place the bathrooms and kitchens based on how the plumbing would be laid.  He encouraged me to make my drawings better and always made me feel proud of my work.  Once the plans were sketched out, I would flip through the pages of the Sears catalog and begin planning out the interior design of each room.  I would create order forms for all of the items and would pretend to place the order. 

I wish I could say that my interest in drawing blueprints and decorating have lead me to become a world-renowned architect or interior designer.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any real outlets or support for that particular passion.  In school, I always struggled in math.  I was told that I should steer away from any careers that were dependent upon a firm grasp of math.  I told myself that architecture was definitely out of the question for me.  There were very few design classes available to me as I went through school, and my love of interior decorating fizzled as I grew older.

But I definitely believe that my creative talents have not been wasted and have been put to good use.  This passion for creating (in an organized, well-planned manner) has been my biggest attribute as an elementary school teacher.  Everyday I am able to create something new and watch as my students do the same.  I still love to pretend and use my imagination, which I feel is a lost art that children desperately need.  My goal is to instill a love of imagining and creating in my students. 

Young Interests

As a young person, I had a wealth of different interests. I took lessons in ballet, tap, modern, and jazz styles of dance. I played various instruments such as the piano, flute, and drums. I also participated on soccer, softball, field hockey, track, and tennis teams. Although I engaged in all of these different activities as a child (and enjoyed doing so), I regrettably have lost my interest in most of these as I have grown into my adulthood.

One unique interest that I had as a young person was cooking and baking. My mother and grandmothers are all talented cooks, thus piquing my interest in this area. In addition to being interested in cooking, I was also interested in eating :).

As I grew up, I began cooking dinner with my mom, helping her by throwing in a sprinkle of garlic here and a pinch of salt there. I would assist in stirring the sauce, boiling the water for the pasta, and mixing the brownie batter. Soon, I began accepting more responsibility for individual culinary dishes and started cooking independently for family, friends, and even just for myself.

In high school, I attended a week-long culinary camp sponsored by Johnson and Wales University. I also worked part-time at a few different fine dining restaurants throughout my high school years. Through both of these experiences, I learned new skills, discovered and tasted diverse ingredients, met fellow “foodies,” and picked up on various techniques that I would try out at home in my free time.

My interest in cooking was never fostered in a true “school” setting. However, I used various skills that I had learned in school to learn more about cooking. For example, I used reading skills to read cookbooks and magazines. I also became a good observer of instructors, just as I had learned in science and math classes in school.

This interest in food, cooking, and baking, has stuck with me and continues to be a hobby of mine. It was not developed in school, or any sort of formal academic setting, but I have learned a lot and continue to learn a lot by making connections and forming relationships with people I can learn from.

New to blogging

Hi this is my first time blogging. I do not spend a lot of time online because I am always working or making something for work. I am an artist and art educator I have a website http://www.lindsayabauer.com/ incase your curious about what type of art I make. 

I love to paint and create and I started this blog for a class assignment but who knows maybe Ill get into it.

My Personal Interest as a Adolescent.


As a young adult, I have a interest in creating and developing scrapbooks. In school, teachers noticed that I enjoy writing about people. Specifically, in first grade, my teacher wanted me to write about students in the class. My teacher noticed that I have a “talent” when writing about peoples lives. The educator, said to my mom specifically,”he uses excellent adjectives to describe people”.   The first scrapbook I made is a big blue book with pictures of each family member or friend. On each page, there is a page long description of the family member. Years ago, my parents would interview people they know and write about these adults. I would read and notice the words they used to describe adults. For example, my mom said, “Marco, is born in a slummy, tinny, tiny house”. I would be inspired by how my parents learned about individuals. I pursued this interest by interviewing random people and writing about them. It made me think about the privileges I have in life, and the disadvantages I have in this world. My teachers supported me because they always told me to dig deeper. Meaning, think of “higher order thinking questions to ask your interviewee”. My interest are connected to school because educators taught me the mechanics of writing. They also taught me how to form a complete and descriptive sentence. The implications of my interest are that it makes me think and learn about different people lifestyles. It also has me think deeper into diversity and inclusivity.

Let the Adventure Begin

giphyMy name is Kylie and my passion is enabling students to have study abroad experiences that make them better global citizens and help them truly understand what that means.  I do this through professionally in my position as a Coordinator for Short-Term Study Abroad and through teaching in the virtual and face-to-face classroom.

This world is exponentially more connected every day, yet disconnecting at a similar speed.  As we tun increasingly to technology, it is becoming more difficult to connect with people in real and authentic ways.

In this blog space, I hope to begin to reflect on, develop, and implement ideas of utilizing technology in the classroom in ways that will enable my students to make genuine connections with the content, one another, and the greater world.

I promise to make mistakes and learn from them, pose difficult questions and grow and it is my great hope that you will embark on this journey with me and challenge those reading in ways that encourage a safe and collaborative environment.