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It’s funny how life takes us on journeys we neither dreamed of nor thought possible. So now, it’s my turn to help my students begin journeys that they too neither dreamed of nor thought possible!

A Moment of Reflection, Live. Laugh. Love. Teach

I would love to have an art app that isn’t about old artists, art history and techniques. I would like one where both art students and teachers could use it as a current library for the latest and hottest artists from all over the world but is geared towards students and teachers.

Pop Art Portfolio App, L.B.I. Art Ed

They were excited with a small amount of confusion with their freedom.

A Small Move in the Art Classroom, Katie’s Blog

A peer from my class posted this article (thanks Kristin!!). This first sentence sums up much of the conversations that I have with administrators at colleges (Just providing the technology for classrooms is not enough…)

ED677 Week 8 s6s, brentarcadia

My brother is very intelligent, though you would not necessarily know it by looking at his report cards growing up. He thinks differently and is stimulated by real-world problems, not the facsimiles produced in classrooms.

Finding Our Shared Purpose, Learning to Connect

Find something they like
Something important to them
And push their limits

A Series of Small Move Haikus, Danny C – Connected Learning

One of my biggest struggles is that my students want answers instantly without having to do much thinking on their own. This teacher shows how to let the students draw their own conclusions from simply scaffolding the discussion.

Six Small Move Finds, Brianna’s Blog

The Adventures of CL Girl, Connected Learning

So many classrooms are equipped with technology that is being used because it is technology (ie. putting a worksheet on a google doc instead of printing it), not to engage learners in the active use of technology which can further students’ learning, understanding and development.

Search Seven Sunday, finally fifth

I think it would be interesting for students of all ages to be able to see how the words they use can be interpreted (or perhaps misinterpreted) into a geometric figure, equation, graph, inequality, etc. By allowing students to correct their work and visualize the misunderstandings, they are able to better understand how to communicate mathematically.

Say What? Math Edition, Strengthening Connections

There were many speeches made at the various marches that were publicized nationally. However, other students also made a strong impact with speeches that we didn’t get the chance to hear.

Relate and Rally: App for Equity, Learn with Miss Stern

This app would include the free download of the book, books on students reading levels, and the nearest library of where the book can be rented . Last, the app would share Philadelphia students reviews of the book.

My app that benefits the community, Michael Kodush – Impact I can make

This week, I decided to take the topics we have been discussing in our connected learning class and discuss them with my students. Since we have been discussing topics like equity, interest learning, student choice, and technology, I decided to listen to what my students had to say!

Student Talk, Teaching While Learning

What poses are central to connected learning…what makes it different from what I am doing or have done in the past…which poses do I wobble between transitions and what poses do I flow between?

Connected Yoga, Do to Learn, Learn to Do

You all = Awesome.

This week, please continue to work on your final makes as per last week’s post. Please make sure to sign up for one of these evening gatherings or email me so that we can discuss an alternative plan (note that we can’t have everyone present the last day, so works-in-progress that first evening next week are also fine and if you can switch to next week with that caveat in mind, please do).

Nice work on our Equity in Connected Learning presentation! We have one more addition and then we will be ready to share. Keep an eye out this week: I’ll send a short URL and some suggestions for sharing it with our larger networks.

And as you work on your final make, don’t forget to check in on your own assessment of your progress with the ED677 Self-Assessment Guide. Also, anyone else doing a Data Detox? I am finding it pretty fascinating I’ve got to say and my colleague Andrea Zellner, @andreazellner, is doing it with me too.

In connected solidarity,


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